Brain Freeze

Minor news: I’m not going to be doing monthly updates any more.

I’m still going to post blog entries and I have a ton of photos still to add to the galleries – my brains aren’t done speaking yet! – but I’m not going to stick to my once-a-month schedule.

For one thing, I don’t do enough as Twist to justify making the blog a diary; for me, cross-dressing isn’t a lifestyle or anything more than skin-deep. A lot of the stuff I wanted to do as Twist has been done. In many ways, whatever itch made me want to cross-dress has been scratched. I’m in a fairly happy, tension-free place now. I can go out as Twist or not – I’m cool with it either way.

But life’s always more vibrant when I’m Twist. 🙂

I blog about a few big-ish things I do (or have done), or things I want to take my time and research before posting (ideally, stuff that will be valid whenever it’s read, rather than as a reaction to current events). The last thing I want to do is get repetitive.

I still have adventures to share and opinions to bloviate upon. I just won’t be doing it quite so frequently.

And I’ll always keep up with reading my fellow bloggers. 🙂

Until next time…


Thank you for reading!

My WordPress Annual Report for 2015 saw the readership of this blog skyrocket in a scary yet immensely gratifying way.

So I just thought I’d say a quick thank you to everyone who’s stopped by to see what it’s about, browse through the site, and offer feedback. Obviously, I can’t rest on my laurels, so the challenge for 2016 will be to keep everyone’s interest!

More cross-dressing! More shenanigans! 😀


A minor update to a post I wrote back in 2014: Facebook has decided I’m suspiciously unreal and I have one week (at time of writing) to prove who I am with various forms of ID proving my name and age. Obviously I don’t have anything like that with ‘Miss Twist’ on it, so it looks like I’ll get to start a whole new Facebook profile…

Ostensibly, this is “to help my friends find me” (surprise: they already did). You’d think they’d be happy to bombard me with twice the number of adverts. It’s a bit of a sod, but I’ve downloaded an archive of the profile, and I should be able to re-establish contact with everyone.

Worse things have happened; it’s only Facebook.

Further update, 23 November:
After a rethink about how I use social media, I’ve decided to give this blog a serious revamp. Expect a new look and a lot more material in 2016! Stay tuned!

Pay it forward

Why yes, I always type up my blog dressed like this... don't you?

Why yes, I always type up my blog dressed like this… don’t you?

So it’s been three years since I started writing this blog. The first year was largely bereft of entries, because (I told myself) I was too busy actually cross-dressing to write about it. In reality I was just too damn lazy to put finger to keyboard. The second year was a process of getting into a routine and figuring out what I wanted to write about. Last year, I finally worked out how blogging’s supposed to work, tagging articles and connecting with other people.

So, it’s been a very slow, gentle learning curve that’s fed into other blogs I’ve started. It’s paying off – I’m gobsmacked at the global reach, and also at the ever-increasing monthly views. I’m also amused and bemused by the search terms that bring people here: “crossdressed in public“, “crossdress meme“, “crossdresser with big tits” and a whole host of search terms I won’t repeat (I don’t want to encourage them!), which I assume were typed in with one hand… (I can only imagine their disappointment when getting here). (Update 26/3/15: My new favourite search term to find this blog is “like cross dressing grave yard workers they dug in their heels”…)

Making contact with other people’s blogs (usually through seeing the links visitors have on their own blogs) has been pretty interesting. Every cross-dresser has their own story, or their own motivation, or their own challenges to write about. I think the most profound impact has been the realisation that the way we present ourselves online, and the things we say, can affect people for better – and I’ll follow this up in my next entry.

One of my inspirations was the blog of a cross-dresser called Becky EnVérité (now only available through the Internet Archive). Becky wrote from 2005-2010 before getting married and starting a family; life happened, priorities changed. But the way she regarded cross-dressing kinda chimed with the way I did: it’s part of my life, but maybe not the most important part; I don’t think I’ll be doing it forever, but I don’t want to draw a line under it; and -most importantly- no matter what else, I want to have fun with it while it lasts.

I cannot stress enough how important this is. Sure, it might be nerve-wracking and filled with uncertainty when you start out, but if you think it’ll turn out to be fun, do it.

So Becky’s blog was winding down at about the same time my cross-dressing was revving up. In many ways, I’d like to thank Becky for the inspiration – and also because she was part of a group trying to make cross-dressing more socially acceptable, and therefore easier for the likes of me to come along, years later.

So, this blog has mutated into my way of ‘paying it forward‘.

I like to think that if anyone reads what I say, or looks at the pictures of me mucking about having adventures in a skirt, and decides “That looks like fun! I want to try that!” then I’ve succeeded.

Maybe, someday, they’ll have their own adventures in cross-dressing, blog about it, and inspire someone else?

Pay it forward!

*puts on sparkly birthday costume*
*eats cake*

Today, a blog; tomorrow, the world! Muahahahahaaa- *cough cough cough*

Today, a blog; tomorrow, the world! Muahahahahaaa- *cough cough cough*

The README post

Assuming this blog runs and runs, here’s a quick summary of the tags/categories I intend to use:
*Updated 13 December 2015 with revamp of the site.

— About Twist (me, navel-gazing)
— Site News (anything that’s just about the blog rather than crossdressing)

Adventures in Cross-Dressing
(fun times had whilst wearing a skirt and heels)

— Cross-Dressing (anything to do with cross-dressing)
— Culture & Media (songs, movies, TV, games)
— Opinion (my brains get gobby)
— Practicalities (how to do wigs, tits and transformations)
— Psychology (in which I do a science)
— Relationships (getting on with those around you)
— Social Issues (weightier stuff)

— Cosplay (me in costume!)
— Fashion (the focus is on cool clothes)
— Out and About (in public)
— Photoshopped (I get all arty and shiz)
— Scenic (the background tries to upstage me)
— Spinal Twist (icanhaz catsuit?)
— Sporty (in which I lie about my fitness)

Kicking things off in high heels…

Well, hello there!

This is my first stab at blogging, and it’s aimed at people interested in cross-dressing.

Wearing girly clothes is something I only do for fun. It’s a part of my life, but it’s not the only thing I do. Hopefully, I can pass on some of the things I’ve learnt along the way and encourage anybody who’s thinking about getting started.