Miss Twist

I am a guy who occasionally goes out to meet friends wearing a short skirt or a dress.

I do this because it’s fun; I do it because I have friends who are happy to let me, and encourage me. It’s nothing to do with gender identity; it’s just because I think the clothes look cool.

I’m hoping that I can encourage people to give it a go, and help them realise they don’t have to spend vast amounts of money on it (hell, I don’t!).

15 thoughts on “Miss Twist

  1. may says:

    Miss Twist.
    Your blog is great fun. its hard to get the look right but you have great taste
    and look fantastic .. its nice to hear your thought on why we do what we do. What ever the reasons its a great feeling ..not so good for my poor wife who found me..may xx

    • Miss Twist says:

      Thank you! πŸ˜€
      I spent a lot of time trying to copy things I’d seen elsewhere before daring to try my own look – paying attention to how mannequins are dressed in shops can be a great help!.

      I hope you wife’s OK with you cross-dressing, now?

  2. Paul says:

    Thank You!

    i just discovered Miss Twist Speaks Her Brains. What a fun site. You are so clever.

    Since you were on my mind I had to tell you my good news. Every Christmas Day we take our three sons to their Grandmother’s house on Christmas morning. This morning as we were getting ready to leave, my wife told me she had a run in her nylons. In a very matter-of-fact tone she told me she was going to borrow a pair of my pantyhose. I was thrilled. My wife has allowed me to wear pantyhose, tights, even panties, around the house for the past several years. As long as I am very careful that our sons do not ever know what I am wearing she is tolerant. She does not encourage me nor does she discourage me from wearing pantyhose. However we surprisingly talk very little about me wearing hose and panties. But this morning was different. She had not told me what she was wearing so we had to talk about her outfit so I knew what color pantyhose she wanted. And I had to ask her if she wanted regular or control top hose. It was so much fun taking to her about pantyhose. How giddy I felt.

    Then as we were finishing getting dressed she told me I could wear a pair of my pantyhose to her Mom’s today, but just today. I thought I would hyperventilate. I was literally shaking as I hurriedly slipped my pantyhose on. What an incredible day. Hopefully, more good news to follow.

    BTW … I think you’re cute.


  3. Paul says:

    Oh. I thought the ” … you’ll have a clever …” was stupid or at least unnecessary. But … again … I do think you are so cute!!.

  4. David Caldwell says:

    Hello! I found your blog site purely by chance of sorts. I run a local news page on Facebook called Prestonpans News. I was searching for items/posts about Prestonpans, as I do normally, and came across your post on Prestongrange Museum. I must confess, you looked like you enjoyed time as an Emma Peel/Black Widow hybrid! Often, as part of the remit I set myself, I share items of interest and community news. I thought about sharing your blog post about your time at Prestongrange Museum, but I wanted to get in touch first and express my best wishes to you for being you! Stay safe and feel free to reply if you wish to do so. Best wishes.

    • Miss Twist says:

      Hi David,
      thank you – it was great fun doing those photos! πŸ™‚
      Regarding the Facebook page, I’d prefer not to – people reading this blog will have a good idea of what to expect, but people reading local community news might be a bit uncomfortable with it (and given that the photos were done in July 2019 it’s not really ‘news’ any more!).
      But thank you so much for asking – glad you liked them! πŸ™‚

      • David Caldwell says:

        Hi again! So sorry I missed your reply. No problem at all, just to put your mind at rest, I haven’t shared the article onto my Facebook news page, as per requested. Hope you get the chance to maybe go for the Emma Peel look again sometime! Please stay safe and Happy New Year to you.

  5. Vivienne says:

    Hi Miss Twist,
    I’m originally from Scotland but now I live in New Zealand. I’m tempted to say “Aye, ah ken yer faither”, but technically this wouldn’t actually be true!
    I’d never come across your blog before–why wasn’t I informed? It’s funny, inventive and you look fantastic. How do you get that spectacular cleavage? It’s lovely to see all those pictures of Scotland–makes me homesick!
    I’ve interviewed Emma Ballantyne for my blog. Have you met her?
    Anyway, I’ve added a link to your blog from my homepage.
    Keep up the good work, and I wish you all the very best.

    • Miss Twist says:

      Hi Vivienne!
      Thank you for popping by my blog! πŸ˜€
      I had the best year of my life in New Zealand, about [cough COUGH] years ago.
      The cleavage comes from a process I thinbk of a ‘squidging the fuck out of my chest’ – details in this old post:

      I’ve been able to tick off a lot of my personal crossdressing bucket list items, so a lot of my adventures these days come from girly road trips around the country – more posts & piccies on the way this year! πŸ™‚

      (Definitely adding your blog to my follows – thoughtful & intelligent writing from an informed perspective!)

      ~T πŸ™‚

      • Vivienne says:

        I am SO going to have to try that technique with the cleavage!
        Nearly all of my photos are either selfies with me holding the phone, or putting it on a shelf and setting the timer. It’s clear that your photos have someone taking the photos for you: who is this mystery photographer?
        I’ve been browsing your blog and it’s completely fantastic. I wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of the world!

      • Miss Twist says:

        Photos are taken by my wife and my friends, or else on my own with a camera tripod and a timer. When I take friends on road trips, photos are the only price I ask of them! πŸ™‚

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