Never say never again…

So, way back when I announced I wouldn’t be blogging any more, because my brains had spoken enough and I wasn’t going to have any more Adventuuuuures in Crossdressinnnnng*… might’ve been a bit too soon.



Life has a funny way of coming at you. This year has been… eventful. And in the process, I’ve found being Miss Twist has given me a great reason to get back into shape and live a healthier lifestyle; been a fantastic mood-lifter; a great way to reconnect with old friends; a great way to make new friends; and a fantastic excuse for going on a whole bunch of new adventures.


I lost so much weight before doing this shit.

All of these, I will write about in the coming months. There will be pictures. Sweet, muscular Jesus, there will be pictures!


I’m all about healthy living. (No I’m not.)

For now, all you need to know is, my adventures continue… 🙂


Epic Scottish legendary monsters, muthafuckaaaaz!


Epic retro sci-fi cosplay, muthafuckaaaaz!

*In my head, ‘Adventures in Crossdressing’ has to be read out in an epic voice with an echo.