Getting over the ups and downs

How did I get halfway through the year already??? And what happened to all those blog posts I had planned?

I can answer the second question straight away: they’re on their way. As for the first part… I guess I just got distracted by life in general. I don’t post about my life in non-Twist mode (not relevant to the blog, at least as I intend it), but sometimes the non-Twist stuff needs to be attended before I can go off on more adventures.

For one thing, I’ve got a garden now, and I’ve been learning about Zen And The Fine Art Of Murdering Plants the hard way. So that’s a happy distraction.

Digging trenches for the battle of Hoth.

I’ve also been spending a good chunk of the year losing my lockdown flab (again).

I was sick of being out of breath, tired, and feeling like a sack of potatoes. So I renewed my acquaintance with the swimming pool and have been jumping into the granny lane at 5.30am twice a week. I’ve also been having regular pre-breakfast walkabouts before the city wakes up – kind of like Batman on patrol, minus the whole beating-up-clowns-at-night thing, and swapping the cape for running shoes. (So, nothing at all like Batman.)

I have been getting in touch with my inner self. I make sure to mop up afterwards. And the neighbours asked me to stop doing this outside because the noises I make agitate their pets.

I’ve reached the point where I’m Twist-shaped once more (and probably fitter than I was fifteen years ago; now there’s a statement that screams “mid-life crisis”). I have no idea what adventures I want to go on this year, so I’ll just take things as they come.

Looking forward to a new dawn! …which will likely be blowing a gale, so keep your hair on.

Meanwhile, I have plenty to share from last year, and I’ve finally selected which pictures to use (sometimes I have something to say, and choose how to illustrate it afterwards; other times I have a bunch of photos and then work out what stories they tell…).

Stay tuned!

Magnificent bumps. On the landscape, I mean.
You still haven’t seen the back of me yet.

6 thoughts on “Getting over the ups and downs

  1. Joanna Cole says:

    So glad to see this post – as a new follower I thought I’d done that thing I do where I only find something interesting as it is ending. Also, and you surely know, those photos are jealousy inducing! Blown away by how calm and happy you look even as you prepare for the AT-AT attack or the gruelling marathon of getting down the ups. May my legs one day look as well kempt and neat as yours!

    • Miss Twist says:

      Thanks Joanna! I think most of what I wanted to say in the blog has been said – I’m at the point now of going off on crossdressed adventures and then sharing the photos here…

      In some ways it gets easier, because after a while you know what you’re doing; in other ways it gets harder because none of us are getting younger and prettier.

      No idea how long I’ll keep going in Twist mode, but for now – I’m just going to keep going! 🙂

  2. Sue Richmond says:

    Look forward to your further blog posts. And well done for getting healthier – you’ve reminded me that something along those lines was kinda my new year’s resolution! Sue x

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