Wild Wild Twist

By last spring, I’d decided I’d had a long enough break from cross-dressing and doing photo shoots. I wanted to do more. Each one is like a mini-adventure, and I’d generated enough ideas to do another calendar for my friends*.

They repair stiletto heels here too.

They repair stiletto heels here too.

The target for this one was a tiny little alleyway in Edinburgh known as ‘The Wild West‘. I figured I had enough clothes to get a sort-of, kind-of Calamity Jane look, and brought out my old outback hat from my time in Australia. A visit to the toyshop got me a cheap die-cast revolver (which was child-sized… hm…)

About to get west and wild...

About to get west and wild…

I like to do photoshoots early in the morning, especially in the summer months when the light is good (luckily, I live far enough north that the nights are quite short in the summertime). It also means nobody else is around to give me funny looks when I’m striking bizarre poses for photoshoppy purposes later on.

The ‘Wild West’ part of Edinburgh is in one of the just-posh-enough parts of the city, in a residential area at the back of a local library. It’s quiet enough at the best of times. Going there at about 6am would guarantee nobody would be watching.

(...this is actually a library fire exit!)

(…this is actually a library fire exit!)

It was built in the 1990s by a furniture salesman to create ….well, some sort of ambience, I guess. The years haven’t been kind to the place, and after a couple of decades, it’s run-down, faded, rotting and falling to bits. But with some clever camera angles, you need not see the nearby tenements, or telephone cables, or burglar and fire alarms…

I’d already scouted it out beforehand, and had some ideas about the sorts of shots and angles I wanted. It was possibly the most trouble-free (and audience-free) shoot we’ve ever done.

(You'd probably keep your door locked shut too...)

(You’d probably keep your door locked shut too…)

If anyone else wants to take photos or selfies (using a camera timer), I heartily recommend heading out early on a sunny morning, even just around your hometown. You’ll have the streets to yourself, you’ll have the golden glow of the sun, and you can get something approaching a glamorous set of outdoors photos (cross-dressed or not!).

Well, shoot!

Well, shoot!

*(It’s probably the last calendar I’ll do – I’ve no idea what other photo shoots I could do, and I’m  not keen on repeating things… so I’m archiving the most -but not all- of the shoots I’ve done over the years, here on the blog.)

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