A minor update to a post I wrote back in 2014: Facebook has decided I’m suspiciously unreal and I have one week (at time of writing) to prove who I am with various forms of ID proving my name and age. Obviously I don’t have anything like that with ‘Miss Twist’ on it, so it looks like I’ll get to start a whole new Facebook profile…

Ostensibly, this is “to help my friends find me” (surprise: they already did). You’d think they’d be happy to bombard me with twice the number of adverts. It’s a bit of a sod, but I’ve downloaded an archive of the profile, and I should be able to re-establish contact with everyone.

Worse things have happened; it’s only Facebook.

Further update, 23 November:
After a rethink about how I use social media, I’ve decided to give this blog a serious revamp. Expect a new look and a lot more material in 2016! Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Book-burning

  1. cynthia0101 says:

    I have heard that they do this at times. Not even sure why they would seeing as they sell advertising on the site. And most people that identify as trans may not want to plaster their original Facebook for fear of being found out.

  2. valsouth says:

    Is it the name that gave you up? Seems like a colossal waste of time on their part to seek us out like this. But I suppose there are some legitimate scenarios where they do need to purge some profiles. Still seems like a royal pain in the @$$ for you!

    • Miss Twist says:

      After six years of using that profile and that particular username, I can only assume Facebook is having a crackdown, or maybe someone saw it and flagged it (the surname I used actually the name of the writing group I first went out dressed up with).
      It’s a bit of a sod, but it’ll take more than a sanctimonious social media company’s inconsistently-enforced rules to shut me up! 🙂

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