Overcoming diminishing returns

As I write, it’s been about four months since I last ventured out as Twist. I just needed a break – to be me rather than my alter-ego.

For one thing, the previous two years had been incredibly busy as Twist – doing shows, modelling, taking photos, and just socialising generally. I was getting a bit tired. Being Twist is a constant “ta-da!”, where keeping up appearances and being larger than life are pretty much expected (and being a slut for attention, I love living up to those expectations).

Twist is almost purely the result of the extroverted bits of my personality. I wasn’t really leaving any time or that mental head-space I need to be creative, doing arty stuff and writing. The introverted bits of me just weren’t getting a look-in. If I wasn’t actually dressing up, I was thinking about dressing up, and what to wear and how long I’d need to prepare and all the rest of it.

I suppose I was also starting to worry that Twist was taking over slightly. I have more shoes for myself-as-Twist than I do for the rest of the time. (Actually, I’m kinda jealous of Twist’s wardrobe; she’s got much cooler, more stylish stuff than I do… and if this sounds weird, you’ve got an inkling on what colour the sky is in my world.)

The main reason I needed a break was because dressing up and going out as Twist was losing its thrill. I was doing it so often, it wasn’t special; it was almost becoming routine.

I never intended to cross-dress as a lifestyle thing; it’s got more to do with maximising my clothing options when I want to make myself look/feel good when I’m going out. The moment Twist started to seem ordinary was the moment I had to take a break. (Slut for attention, remember?)

So, that’s the downer part of this entry. Now for the up-side.

I’m nowhere near ready to quit dressing up as Twist. It’s just too much fun. I think I’ve had long enough as ‘me’ this year, and I’m feeling the need to do the jazz-hands thing again. Trouble is, I’ve been slobbing out and eating too many carbs. I need to sort out my diet and lose that winter flab. Between improved health and being more outgoing, dressing up as Twist can be an incredibly effective mood-booster. Something else to look forward to this summer!

“Twist-therapy”; just don’t expect psychiatrists to employ this technique any time soon…


All partied out... until the next time.

All partied out… until the next time.

6 thoughts on “Overcoming diminishing returns

  1. earfirst says:

    Yay, Miss T. gonna shortlink right to your great stuff instead of reblogging, so that further collectors come directly to here instead of LeD-S-O blog. Folks will surely appreciate your p.o.v. and spirit. Thanks mucho. –DZ

    • earfirst says:

      Your mention of “alter ego” is interesting, partly because I don’t notice that effect when I’m freedressed in public spaces. I’d like to hear more of the experience, and I’d guess it would be interesting to many. It seems related to the “two souls” controversy in Tri-ESS.

    • Risky Dave says:

      Good to hear it, Miss T!
      — btw, I should have said “second soul” controversy in Tri-Ess– “two souls” properly names the bi-gender recognition of Native American culture.

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