The README post

Assuming this blog runs and runs, here’s a quick summary of the tags/categories I intend to use:
*Updated 13 December 2015 with revamp of the site.

— About Twist (me, navel-gazing)
— Site News (anything that’s just about the blog rather than crossdressing)

Adventures in Cross-Dressing
(fun times had whilst wearing a skirt and heels)

— Cross-Dressing (anything to do with cross-dressing)
— Culture & Media (songs, movies, TV, games)
— Opinion (my brains get gobby)
— Practicalities (how to do wigs, tits and transformations)
— Psychology (in which I do a science)
— Relationships (getting on with those around you)
— Social Issues (weightier stuff)

— Cosplay (me in costume!)
— Fashion (the focus is on cool clothes)
— Out and About (in public)
— Photoshopped (I get all arty and shiz)
— Scenic (the background tries to upstage me)
— Spinal Twist (icanhaz catsuit?)
— Sporty (in which I lie about my fitness)

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